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Welcome to MASSIVE X


Welcome to the MASSIVE X online manual. In this user guide, you will learn about key features and workflows to get started making music with MASSIVE X.

MASSIVE X is the successor of MASSIVE, the iconic synth that helped build musical genres. Expanding on this legacy, MASSIVE X provides you with all the features you need to create any sound imaginable. By combining innovative sound generators and processors with modular routing and expressive modulation, MASSIVE X not only facilitates common synthesis techniques but also invites you to experiment and bring new ideas to life.

We hope you enjoy using this fantastic instrument!


What's New

The following new features have been added to MASSIVE X:

  • Browser : The new Browser provides expanded functionality for filtering sounds by tags, text search, User presets and Favorites. Refer to Browser and Presets.

  • Bass Enhancer: The Bass Enhancer is added to the Insert Effects, providing specialized bass enhancement that brings presence and drive to low frequency content. Refer to Bass Enhancer.

  • LP4 Filter Mode: LP4 (4-pole low-pass) mode has been added to the SVF filter, attenuating frequency content above the cutoff frequency with a slope of 24 dB/Oct. Refer to SVF.

  • Control Sensitivity: Control Sensitivity is added to the Settings menu, with nine options ranging from 25% to 250%. Refer to Settings Menu.

The following new features have been updated or added to MASSIVE X:

  • Parameter Values Displayed: Parameter values have been added to the slider, knob, and Macro controls. Values appear when hovering over the parameter. See Control Elements.

  • Key Track Mode: Key Track mode has been added to the Noise section. It can be accessed through a dropdown menu by the Pitch parameters in the Noise player. See Noise Overview.

  • Noise One Shot: One Shot mode has been added to the Noise Engine. See Noise Engine.

  • New Noisetables: 50 new Noisetables and 20 new presets have been added.

  • New Noisetable Category: Transient category has been added to the Noisetable menu, specializing in percussive sounds and fast-attack samples that work especially well with One Shot mode.

  • Custom User Noisetables: Custom user samples can now be loaded into the Noise player. See User Noisetables.

  • New Presets: 20 new presets have been added to the Factory Library. They are accessed from the New in 1.3 category in the Browser. See Browser and Presets.

The following new features have been updated or added to MASSIVE X:

  • Importing Presets by Drag-and-Drop: Presets can be added to the User Presets folder by dropping files on the MASSIVE X user interface. Refer to Importing a Preset.

  • Remote Octave: The Lightguide on KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series keyboards indicate the Remote Octave of the Performer. Refer to Remote Octave.

  • Anonymous Data Tracking: Feature based data tracking has been added to facilitate further improvement of the user experience. For more information on Usage Data Tracking, refer to Settings Menu.

  • Demo Time Increase: Demo time has been increased from 30 to 60 minutes.

  • New Presets: 100 new presets have been added to the Factory Library. Refer to Browser and Presets.

The following new features have been added to MASSIVE X:

  • ADDED: Exciter, Amp and Modulation Envelope displays reflect their actual state and respond to user input. Refer to Modulators.

  • Dark, Light and Flat Modes: Dark, Light, Flat Default, Flat Dark, and Flat Light themes have been added. The Flat themes increase compatibility with older graphic cards. Refer to Settings Menu.

  • Rise/Fall Parameter Display: The Rise/Fall parameter in both the LFO Switcher and LFO Random Envelope now visually displays the actual parameter state and responds to user input.

  • Category for New Factory Presets: A separate category type has been added in the Browser for new Factory presets, based on release iteration. This provides quick access to any new presets.

  • Tracker Grid Labels: Grid labels have been added to the Tracker.

  • New Presets: 60 new presets have been added to the Factory Library. Refer to Browser and Presets.

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