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Welcome to REPLIKA XT


Welcome to the REPLIKA XT manual. Read this user guide and learn how to use REPLIKA XT in your DAW to create warm analog echoes, rhythmic delays, and FX sounds.

REPLIKA XT is an advanced true-stereo delay effect that is used as a plug-in in your DAW. It can be used to create a vast range of different echo, reverb, and modulation effects.

Based on both vintage and contemporary delay units it features five unique styles, each with their own distinct sound character: Modern, Analogue, Tape, Vintage Digital, and Diffusion. Seven additional modulation effects allow you to further sculpt the sound of your delays, including classics like Phaser, Flanger, Chorus, and Filter, as well as more specific effects like Freq Shifter, Pitch Shifter, and Micro Pitcher.

The Delay section lets you choose between Single and Dual delay modes, which can be further refined with advanced controls for Pattern, Panning, Balance, and Ducking. The central display provides visual feedback for your delay settings and dynamically responds to the changes you make.

REPLIKA XT’s sonic possibilities go way beyond the scope of traditional delays, enabling you to create sounds ranging from warm analog echoes to complex rhythmic patterns and otherworldly FX sounds. Enjoy!


The REPLIKA XT plug-in

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